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Our financial advisors are committed to helping you create a financial future that will make feel safe and comfortable. Our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is located right off I95 at 4901 NW 17th Way Suite #104 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

Wealth Management and Financial Planning From Experienced Wealth Advisors

At WealthCare Financial, we focus on creating a client service experience for all our clients. We have been advising high-net-worth investors and retirees on different strategies they can benefit from financially. Each individual and their financial life is different and that’s why we look at financial strategies tailored to you.

Our Financial Advisors’ Number One Priority Is Your Financial Goals

As fiduciaries, we focus on customizing a plan that is in your best interest. Being an independent financial planning firm, we are able to fit the client with the financial institution or product that benefits them.

Financial Planning Services We Offer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As a top-ranking financial planning firm in Ft. Lauderdale, we understand that we must provide solutions for our clients. WealthCare Financial offers a fee-based solution for many clients looking for non-biased financial advice.

Retirement Planning

Do you plan on staying in Fort Lauderdale when you retire or move away? There are many important factors to consider when planning for retirement.

Going into retirement without knowing how much money you need on a monthly basis can leave you in a vulnerable position. Working with our investment advisory services will help you determine your monthly cash flow and the amount you can pull from your assets on a monthly or annual basis in retirement. Sometimes people just want an easy way out and in this case, they look to create a pension using an annuity for lifetime guaranteed income.

Estate Planning

Do you remember Joe Robbie the owner of the Miami Dolphins worth over $100 million or Prince (the guy who sang “Purple Rain”) worth over $150 million? These two individuals including many more like them didn’t have an estate plan and both families fought for years to get what they thought was owed to them. In the case, of Joe Robbie, if he would have protected his estate with a proper estate plan simply including life insurance, his family would’ve been able to pay the tax bill and wouldn’t have had to sell the team that was so dear to them. Don’t be like these two and start building your estate plan today!

Investment Management

WealthCare Financial has a team of investment advisers that will go through different investment strategies. With asset allocation, we look at spreading your investments through a wide variety of asset classes that fit your risk tolerance.

Tax Planning

Have you discussed Roth Conversions or implemented Tax Loss Harvesting in your portfolio? Did you know that the average retiree has to allocate 25% of their income to pay taxes? Taxes play a huge role in your financial life and if you or your current advisor don’t know how to implement these simple strategies in your portfolio you need to start considering a second opinion.

Financial services for business owners in Fort Lauderdale

We help small business owners plan their financial futures through personalized asset management strategies that will help their investments grow.

Many of the business owners we work with spend most of their time growing their businesses or dealing with customers and employees. This leaves little time for business owners to work on their own financial plans. We provide a streamlined service for all of our business owners that will cover everything from risk-managed insurance products to investment products ranging from mutual funds or ETFs.

Other Financial Services We Offer

We offer many different kinds of services to our clients. If you’re looking for a fee-based alternative, we help with a cash flow analysis, debt pay-down strategies, or even a full financial plan. As a high net worth or accredited investor you have access through our subsidiaries including real estate investments, private equity, and structured notes.

Our Clients Trust Our Financial Advisors

Wealthcare’s financial advisors have a fiduciary duty to provide clients with transparency in all phases of the relationship. In all cases, our financial advisors will share disclosures, FINRA, and member SIPC information.

A big part of financial success is trust in your financial advisor. Our clients trust us, here are some of our reviews from Google.

“Highly recommend Wealthcare Financial, very happy with their services. I have been working with Shaun and Mike for about 3 years now after being recommended to them by a friend. They have been helping me with my financial planning since graduating from residency. Great guys, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Easily accessible and quickly answer financial questions I have. They coordinate with my CPA to help make the best decisions for me. I always feel they have my best interest in mind. I am very grateful to have these guys on my team and I am in a much better position now than I was 3 years ago.”DR. DAVID TRAFICANTE

“I have been working with Shaun Tarzy & Michael Boggiano in WealthCare Financial for almost a year. Managing personal finance while working in a busy job can always be stressful. It is a great relief to find someone knowledgeable and trustworthy who can help you. Both Shaun & Michael are very professional with solid work ethics. I value their advice, and strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their financial base.”DR. MAYANK ROY

Common Questions We Get About Financial Planning

How much does it cost to talk to a financial advisor?

At WealthCare financial, you will never be charged a consultation fee to speak with a licensed advisor.

Is it worth the money to hire a financial advisor?

Yes, it is worth the money to hire a financial advisor. The most important part in looking for an advisor is to make sure you both are on the same page and they are working in your best interest.

How can I talk to a financial advisor for free?

At WealthCare financial, you will always be able to talk to an advisor for FREE!

How do I find a financial advisor?

A good way to find an advisor is to either as a friend for a referral or just

What is the difference between an investment advisor and a financial advisor?

The main difference between an investment advisor and a financial advisor is that an investment advisor focuses on your investments whereas a financial advisor will review your entire financial life. Sometimes their licensing and how they get paid can be different such as being part of a broker-dealer and getting paid a commission or being part of a member FINRA with an RIA getting paid a fee.

What should I ask a financial advisor before I hire them?

Before hiring a financial advisor you should look them up on FINRA’s broker check to see if they have any disclosures. Some questions to ask would be, are you a fiduciary? What costs are associated with working with you? What services do you provide? Are you an independent advisor or are you tied down to a specific institution?

What is the best way to talk to a financial advisor?

The best way to speak with a financial advisor would simply be to schedule a 30-minute call with them. This call should be an interview to see if the advisor is the right fit for you.

What questions should I ask a financial advisor?

It’s always important to ask the right questions to a financial advisor, so they can help you reach those goals financially. Some questions to ask would be, does my investment strategy match my goals? Do you work with CPAs or Attorneys? Am I financially protecting my loved ones if something happened?

Financial Planning & Fee Schedule

Portfolio ValueFee
$0 – $1,000,0001.50%
$1,000,000 – $2,000,0001.25%
$2,000,000 – $3,000,0001.00%
$3,000,000 + ≤ 0.75% 

Other Financial Planning Fees

On average a financial plan will take approximately 5 – 15 hours at $300/hour

Investment Plan: approximately 1-4 hours at $300/hour.

Solo 401(k): Initial cost $1,500 with an ongoing annual fee of $199/year.

Financial Planning Retainer$199/month – $495/month depending on the complexity of the plan. 

Hours of operation

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6:00pm

Sat-Sunday: Closed

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Monday – Friday8:30am – 6:00pm